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Demons of Ghent by Helen Grant


Demons of Ghent_AG People are falling from the rooftops of Ghent. But did they throw themselves off – or did somebody push them?

Veerle has seen enough death to last a lifetime.

But death isn’t finished with Veerle just yet.

When people start to die in her new home town, some put it down to a spate of suicides. Some blame the legendary Demons of Ghent. Only Veerle suspects that something – somebody – has followed her to wreak his vengeance.

But she watched the Hunter die, didn’t she?


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2 thoughts on “Demons of Ghent by Helen Grant

  1. Can’t wait! I’m a big fan of Helen Grant

  2. I really hope you’ll enjoy it! I really fell in love with the city of Ghent and I think I enjoyed researching this book more than any other I have written to date!