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Acid by Emma Pass


AcidThe UK, in 2113, is a changed place. ACID – the most brutal police force in the world – have taken full control of the country, shutting down access to the internet, censoring literature and music, even imposing a LifePartnering scheme for all teenage citizens.

Seventeen-year-old Jenna Strong killed her parents four years ago, and is doing time for their murder in an all-male prison. At least, this is what she – and everyone else – believes . . . But after an unknown rebel group breaks her out in the middle of a riot, she finds herself in more trouble than ever before. On the run, and with ACID tracking her every move, will Jenna finally discover the truth behind her parents’ murder?

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YA writer. Voracious reader. Feminist. Home educator. Addicted to tea and Twitter.

3 thoughts on “Acid by Emma Pass

  1. Looking forward to this one, what a great concept!

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