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Arabesque by Colin Mulhern

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arabesqueAmy May is the best at everything she does. But how do you know you’re really the best until you’re tested? Until you’re pushed to the limit?

A botched kidnapping drags Amy and her best friend, Mia, into the depths of a criminal underworld, a world where the players think with bullets and blackmail. But the kidnappers are small-time: it’s when the big players come in that this really kicks off, and Amy’s friendship is put to the test as her friend Mia is used as leverage.

Arms dealer, porn mogul and blackmarket art dealer, Galloway needs an exceptional thief to steal a lost Picasso – the Arabesque and who better than lithe, strong, unexpectedly talented Amy? But talent isn’t enough, Galloway needs someone he can trust and he knows Amy won’t put a foot wrong if he uses her friend Mia as leverage. But Galloway has underestimated what teenage girls are capable of…


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