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UKYA Book of the Year: Heart-Shaped Bruise by Tanya Byrne

Nominated by blogger Michelle Cardozo:

images-2“I read a fair few books by British authors this year and most were amazing. But when I sat down to think of my absolute favourite book of the bunch, it was fairly easy for me to crown a clear winner. It has to be Heart-Shaped Bruise by Tanya Byrne. I remember picking up this book in a mildly curious way at the beginning of the year only intending to read a few paragraphs to see how I’d get on with the book and I found myself absolutely hooked by Emily’s voice and by her story.

“I found Heart-Shaped Bruise to be an incredible book. I loved how much emotion comes through the story, I loved how much my heart ached for Emily even though she does some terrible things. I felt like I connected to the story in a very real way. While obviously not condoning her actions, I could understand the pain that Emily goes through as the truth that comes out about her family makes her question her own identity, makes her question her memories and her childhood and her sense of belonging. I found Emily’s psychological journey to be especially fascinating as Emily takes things to a very dark place in her attempts at stalking and revenge. Tanya Byrne tells this story in such a way that we know from the outset that Emily has committed a crime and is telling her story from a young offender’s institute. But we don’t know for sure until those final heart-stopping pages, which by that time my heart had really gone through the wringer!

“I cannot wait to find out what’s next from Tanya Byrne!”


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