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The Traitors by Tom Becker


Adam Wilson is kidnapped and taken to the Dial after betraying his best friend. The Dial is a twilight world where teenage traitors are forced to atone for their treachery. It’s a terrible place, ruled over by a cruel despot, where every day is a struggle fo survival – and escape.

Legend has it that only one person has fled the Colditz-like prison. Nobody knows if he made it back to the real world, but he left behind a ray of hope that has reached trough the years. Soon Adam is caught up in a deadly plan to escape. But who can he trust in a world full of traitors…?

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2 thoughts on “The Traitors by Tom Becker

  1. You may want to add Colditz to your list of Britishisms (which I loved, by the way). As a Brit living in the USA, I have found that only Brits understand the Colditz reference. That said, I have to admit that when one of our recently published short stories mentioned Colditz, my tendency was to add a footnote to explain. In the end, I decided against it hoping that American readers might just look it up and educate themselves about WW2!