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UKYA meet-up in pictures (mostly)


The first (of, I hope, many) UKYA meet-up took place last Monday evening. It was a fabulous night and we were thrilled that so many authors and bloggers turned up and were so enthusiastic and supportive and chatty!

I had planned to take lots of lovely photos, but got distracted (mainly by the jugs of Pimm’s) and ended up taking not very many slightly blurred and grainy pics, but I think they’ll give you a general idea of what went on…


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3 thoughts on “UKYA meet-up in pictures (mostly)

  1. Clearly I would have ducked out of the photo if I’d known you were taking a photo of JUST ME. But it was a wonderful evening, thank you so much for organising it. And yes, I think your photos really sum up the evening well 🙂

  2. Thank you for organising the evening, it was so much fun. However not sure what I am doing with my hand in the photo of me! Great photos of the night.