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Accidental Friends by Helena Pielichaty

At any other time they would never have met. Bright, arty Emma with her steady boyfriend. James, the public schoolboy in disgrace. Leon, angry with the world and determined on revenge. Last but not least Grace, with her hidden secret. Thrust together on their first day at college they form an uneasy alliance that turns to friendship and even love. But if fate brought them together, it’s a different, life-threatening accident that will test their friendship to the limit.

Four 16 year-olds who have all come from different backgrounds. They meet at Hercules Clay College on the first day when the lift breaks down and become friends. The story is told restrospectively by Emma, one of the four. She is preparing her art exhibition ‘Consequences’ for assessment the next day and asks Kazia, the Polish woman cleaning the art studio, to help her practice her talk for the examiners. As Emma explains the meaning behind each piece to Kazia, the story is revealed.

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