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I, Coriander by Sally Gardner


I, CorianderI am Coriander Hobie. I was born on the year of Our Lord 1643, the only child of Thomas and Eleanor Hobie, in our great house on the River Thames in London. Of my early years I remember only happiness. That was before I knew this world had such evil in it, and that my fate was to be locked up in a chest and left to die.

This is my story. This is my life.

I, Coriander sweeps the reader into the dark, magical world of 17th century London. Join Coriander as she explores the wilderness of the London streets and overcomes dangers in this magic-fuelled adventure fairytale…

Winner of the Nestle Children’s Book Prize Gold Award. Find out more at Sally’s website.


2 thoughts on “I, Coriander by Sally Gardner

  1. Oh-I love I, Coriander!

    I read it when I was in Year 5, and I’m reading it right now, again!
    I’m on chapter 13, Medlar.

  2. I read this book and got so dragged into it I finished it almost too quickly. It’s an amazing book and when I read the other two books by Sally Gardner the outcome was the same. I loved this book so much.