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Everybody Jam by Ali Lewis

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Danny lives in middle of the outback. His older brother Jonny was killed in an accident last year, but no-one ever talks about it. Meanwhile his sister is pregnant, the rains haven’t come and it’s time for the annual cattle muster, during which Danny is determined to prove he can fill his brother’s shoes.

Shortlisted for The CILIP Carnegie Medal 2012.


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One thought on “Everybody Jam by Ali Lewis

  1. I recently read this – a fantastic book, very different in style and tone to many YA contemporary novels. Danny is a great character who jumps off the page, and I loved the ‘Pommie’ girl who comes to work for the family. Complete lack of cliche in the writing, and it’s not predictable either. There’s a very hard-hitting subplot about the underage sister who’s got herself pregnant – and when the family finds out who the father is there’s a lot of prejudice to deal with. It’s definitely YA though – some graphic descriptions of violence/animal slaughter (as you’d expect on a ranch) and it’s not always a comfortable read. If you love being transported to unfamiliar places through a solid, gripping read, then I thoroughly recommend this!